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New HUD Report Reveals Decline in Homelessness

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The United States Department of Housing and Urban Development recently released it's 2012 Point-In-Time Estimates of Homelessness. This report examines on a national and community level the number and types of individuals that are currently suffering from homelessness. This report takes a look at the homeless population on a single night in January each year, taking data from local planners of Continuums of Care (local or regional systems that help the homeless by providing housing and services) from over 3,000 cities and counties. This is what HUD found:

• On that single night in January 2012, 633,782 people were homeless in the United States, down about 0.4% from 2011 for the overall homeless population. This number was a decrease of 5.7% since 2007.

• While homelessness among individuals has decreased 1.4% since 2011, the number of homeless among families has increased 1.4%.

• The state of California accounts for over one-fifth (20.7%) of the homeless population in the United States. The next state that accounts for the largest portion of the homeless population is New York at 11%.

• California, New York, Florida, Texas, and Georgia account for almost half of the nation’s homeless population.

Based on these findings there is still a great deal of work to do to combat poverty in the state of California and throughout the nation. In 2013 the Omidi Brothers and No More Poverty will continue our efforts to reduce homeless rates further.With your help this can truly be a New Year for those that are living without a home.

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