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Poverty Rates in Mexico Decline Despite Rising Number of Poor

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According to recent reports from the Mexican government's Coneval social development agency, poverty rates in the country have seen a decrease despite the number of poor actually growing.

From 2010 to 2012 the poverty rate in Mexico decreased by 0.6% to 53.3 million people. Taking into account the population growth that occurred during this period, the actual number of poor actually grew by about 500,000 people.

In Mexico one of the biggest issues facing the nation is the large wealth disparity. These statistics highlight the uneven distribution of wealth throughout the nation:</br>

  • Despite being the richest country in Latin America behind Brazil, Mexico also has the second highest number of poor in the region.
  • Mexico ranks 4th in the world with the largest number of poor among the richest economies
  • Nearly half of the population lives in poverty

Mexico has been putting in efforts to decrease the number of those in the country living in extreme poverty and they have managed to decrease that number in the last several years to roughly 9.8% of the population or 11.5 million individuals. However, many more are living in poverty and the country is experiencing weak economic growth. Many believe that the only solution for the nation is to be able to provide sustained economic growth, although many are at odds on how best to do this. 

One 82-year-old woman, in an article from Reuter's, was quoted as saying, "We've grown accustomed to poverty. They say that since we were born poor, we are poor now, we remain poor, and we will die poor." Imagine growing up as a child where this is your attitude, mentality, and expectation. We must do something to change this and at No More Poverty we are looking to partner with organizations that provide assistance to these impoverished nations. Please help us by providing your suggestions for charities and nonprofit organizations that we can assist in Mexico to help relieve this burden. 


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