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Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

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While holidays are the time to indulge, sometimes we take it overboard. With so many delicious foods available on and around Thanksgiving, it’s easy to forget portion sizes and lose track of just how much you’ve eaten. If you’re watching your waistline or just maintaining a healthy diet, consider some of the tips we’ve come up with for a healthier Thanksgiving:

This vs. That- We’ve come up with some comparisons so you can choose to enjoy the healthiest options.

White vs. Dark Meat - White meat has less calories and grams of fat.

Green Bean vs. Sweet Potato Casserole - Traditional green bean casserole is the lighter pick, however, the latter options also provides different good-for-you nutrients.

Pumpkin vs. Apple Pie - Pumpkin is the winner here, with the bonus that the whipped cream topping also has less calories than the ice cream typically served with apple pie

Remember: everything is better in moderation. If you keep your portions small, you can enjoy a bit of almost everything. Before you fill your plate, survey all the food available and decide what you want the most. Don’t waste calories and stomach space on foods you can have all year long.

Skip the Seconds - Avoid going back for seconds. Your stomach takes a while to communicate with your brain that it’s full, so eat slowly; if you decide to go back for more, make sure you’re actually still hungry. There is always dessert, and Thanksgiving leftovers can be even better the next day!

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