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Want to Erase Poverty? Here’s How

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Dr. Dr. Michael Omidi is a co-founder of No More Poverty, among other charities. Here, he discusses several things we can all do to fight poverty.

What can we do, right now, to alleviate global poverty? Believe it or not, the most effective way anyone in a developed nation can fight poverty is by donating money to organizations that specialize in eradicating poverty. Those who wish to become more personally involved have many options as well. Here are some ways that you can help starving people get the food they so desperately need. Choose whatever methods suits your abilities and means.

Eliminate food waste: In the U.S. alone, people waste approximately 100 million pounds of food each year! Cutting down on the amount of food waste is not a direct, immediate way to reduce world hunger, but it has a powerful indirect effect. We can strive to purchase only what we need and donate the additional money to our favorite charity. In addition, being conscious of food waste will make us more aware of hunger and thus more likely to join the fight against it.

Donate your time: There are literally thousands of online charities that could use your help with website design, content writing and various other tasks. It is common for non-profit organizations to enlist unpaid, volunteer help to get their messages out. So, go online and donate a few hours each week to an organization that works to reduce world hunger.

Reverse-boycott: That’s right, reverse-boycotting has become the newest wave in the fight against global poverty. It simply means rewarding retailers who donate a portion of their profits to legitimate charities that fight hunger. Nowadays, it’s easy to find local retailers in any U.S. city that have such programs in place. When you buy their products or services, you are directly aiding a worthwhile cause.

There are many ways to join the battle against world poverty in addition to direct monetary donations. If you are not already part of the solution, why not join up today and do whatever you can to help those less fortunate? You’ll be making the world a better place for everyone.

Yours in health,

Michel Omidi

The Omidi Brothers, Julian Omidi and Michael Omidi MD, are dedicated to the elimination of global poverty. No More Poverty was co-founded by the brothers.

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