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Julian Omidi discusses a report by UNICEF which shows millions of children are being left behind in poverty.

Tuesday, UNICEF released a report showing the failing global efforts to help children living in poverty. These results should be alarming to anyone who cares about the impact of global poverty and the well-being of children. Today, let’s look at the data from the report and how it children are being left behind. According to the report, the world's poorest children are twice as likely to die prior to their fifth birthday. What's worse is the rate at which children are dying, within a few days of their birth. These statistics should be startling.

Now, there has been some progress on the poverty front. From 1990 to today, poverty has reduced from 1.9 billion to 1 billion. Of these, 47% of people living in poverty are under the age of 18. Meaning, nearly half of those living in poverty today are children.

The severity of the quality of care is heavily dependent on the country. In India, nearly 60% of people living in poverty live on less than $2.00 a day! That's the price of a small cup of coffee in America. The agency warns that by 2030, nearly 68 million children under the age of five could die. What's more, 119 will be malnourished. This doesn't even account for disease caused by poor living conditions.

This report makes it clear that children are at jeopardy. Maternal mortality rates are down by 45% showing that mothers are less likely to die, but their children are still at risk. More needs to be done on a global level in order to help these children in need.

You can help by working with charitable organizations that help children in need. No More Poverty works to educate people about the global poverty problem while working with other charitable organizations that help people in poverty. Only through action can the problem be solved.

Julian Omidi,

Julian Omidi is the co-founder of No More Poverty, a nonprofit that works to stop poverty throughout the world.

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