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Julian Omidi Blog on No More Poverty

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No More Poverty and the Omidi Brothers have achieved a great deal in the last year with so many more exciting opportunities on the way. We have been able to highlight and bring attention to many wonderful charities, which was the purpose of founding this organization in the first place.

As we continue into the end of 2012 and begin 2013 we want to have a definitive place where we can continue to bring attention to these charities and increase the public awareness; in doing so we will be able to alleviate poverty in all of its forms around the world and at home.

The GO Campaign is one such charitable organization that I want to highlight here for its impact on children suffering from poverty. Their efforts to connect donors to local heroes that deliver impactful solutions through grassroots projects have helped to “Give Opportunity” to children across borders, which is why the Omidi Brothers are proud to support GO Campaign.

One of the most impressive aspects of the GO Campaign is the way they provide their services:

  • Partners are thoroughly vetted to make sure that they meet all of the necessary criteria for providing grants.
  • Local partners are listened to and a collaborative effort is engendered.
  • 100% of the donation provided by donors goes directly to the project of their choice.

Since its inception in 2006, GO Campaign has provided assistance to projects such as:

  • Skills for A Sustainable Future – This project is a partnership between GO Campaign and the Community Connection Cambodia vocational training school, which seeks to provide education that will benefit the Cham population in the areas of computer literacy and English.
  • Harvesting the Rain – This project is in conjunction with the Kithoka Amani Community Home in Kenya, which provides a home for children in the area of Meru. Due to inadequate rains this project will help to install a water harvesting system for rainwater, which will help to ensure the children are adequately fed throughout the year.
  • Right to Education – A cooperative effort between GO Campaign, the RFK Center for Justice & Human Rights, and the Tlachinollan Human Rights Centre, this project works to preserve the right to education for the indigenous children in areas of Mexico such as Guerrero.

We hope that you will help these projects reach their maximum impact by supporting GO Campaign in any way that you can.


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