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Julian Omidi Encourages You to Help

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Julian Omidi looks at the water crisis faced by the impoverished and the unique methods that charitable organizations are employing to help bring awareness and assistance to the cause.

Often we take our access to clean water for granted; we turn on the faucet or buy a bottle of water without a second's hesitation. Around the world, however, there are hundreds of millions of people affected by their lack of access to clean water. Here are just some of the statistics:

  • Water-related diseases are the cause of roughly 3.4 million deaths every year. To put that in perspective, annually we lose the equivalent of the population of Los Angeles due to lack of clean water.
  • A child dies from a water-related illness every 20 seconds.
  • 780 million people around the world, roughly 11% of the global population, do not have access to clean water.
  • A United States resident that takes a shower for five minutes uses more water than the average person in certain areas of developing countries will use in an entire day.
  • 2.5 billion people are without a toilet or basic sanitation.

Clean water and sanitation are very large issues for people around the world, which is why the charity is attempting to spread awareness through a recent video.

In a YouTube video that the organization hopes will go viral, actor Matt Damon holds a press conference where he announces that he will be going on a "toilet strike," refusing to go to the bathroom until everyone in the world has access to clean water. The video, while being particularly comical, is also very educational and gets to the heart of the global need for access to clean water and sanitation.

Matt Damon is co-founder of the charity, which works with local partners around the world to provide access to clean water and sanitation. Projects that are currently being featured by the organization include those in countries like Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, and Kenya among others.

Help to get this video to go viral and spread awareness about the need for clean water and sanitation and how for $25 a day you can provide clean water for someone for life.

By Julian Omidi



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