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The Importance of Literacy and the Young Storytellers Foundation

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Julian Omidi discusses the importance of literacy and how it contributes to an overall better standard of living. Julian Omidi highlights the importance of organizations that work to improve literacy among children, including the Young Storytellers Foundation.

Literacy affects more than you might think: Literacy allows people to fill out job applications, read prescription labels, and fill out deposit slips at the bank. Literacy impacts the ability of a workforce, contributes to the physical health of a nation, and directly impacts one’s ability to earn during their lifetime.

According to statistics provided by the National Center for Family Literacy, approximately 34 million American adults function at below basic literacy levels. Additionally the United States has fallen behind in the percentage of the world’s population of college students; about thirty years ago the US contained 30% of the world’s college students, whereas today it holds roughly 14%.

When it comes to a standard of living the costs are staggering: those with a professional, doctoral, or master’s degree earn an average of $79,946 annually, while those with less than a high school diploma earned $19,915 annually on average. Low literacy can also account for $73 million each year in direct health care costs, and those that have “inadequate health literacy” had a 50% higher mortality rate than those with adequate reading skills.

It is imperative that children are provided with the opportunity to increase their literacy, and since 1997, the Young Storytellers Foundation has been working to develop literacy through the art of storytelling for hundreds of students in the greater Los Angeles area.

Through the use of one-on-one mentoring and group exercises YSF provides a valuable service to children within the public school system in Los Angeles. YSF performs this service by guiding children to write stories and to see them performed publically. The organization has even been able to enlist the assistance of well-known actors to help bring the stories they children have created to life.

Creative arts programs are often very underserved and underrepresented facet of education in the public school systems and yet they offer so much to the children that are able to participate in them. This is why Michael Omidi and I support the Young Storytellers Foundation.

An organization that helps 100% of its students complete a script of their own and see it performed is something that Michael and I believe is a necessity in Los Angeles, as well as around the world. Please help the Young Storytellers Foundationcontinue to provide this amazing service to children by providing your support.

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