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Michael Omidi Proud to Support I AM Foundation and Their Work to Build Positivity

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Many studies have shown the benefits of positive psychology among children and that it may help to prevent or help children handle issues such as depression and anxiety later in life. This is why the work of the I AM Foundation is so important. 

The I AM Foundation, founded in 1998 by author Steve Viglione and Dr. Marilyn Powers, the organization aims to help children, teachers, and parents find their value and share it with the world. The foundation seeks to achieve this goal by distributing books and music to children and adults locally and globally. The efforts of the I AM Foundation have seen the distribution of over 1.1 million books and products to help children achieve a positive outlook on their world.

Among the books distributed include those published and gifted by the organization, including the Love-Wisdom series and The I AM! Affirmation Book, which has been translated into 50 languages and gifted in 50 countries. The book features about 32 positive affirmatives that will assist children (and adults as well) in facing their fears and helping them build the confidence to succeed.

The work that the organization does for children and adults is imperative and that is why 
Julian Omidi and I are proud to support the I AM Foundation. One of the most admirable traits of this organization is that it provides those interested in providing support with multiple avenues to do so. You can of course make a financial contribution to I AM Foundation but there are many more ways to get involved in this project including:

 Book Gifting Missions – You can participate in or organize a book gifting mission, where you travel to another country to deliver the books in person at scheduled events.

 Sponsor Packages – Sponsor packages range anywhere from sponsoring a single child to a classroom to as many as 250 children.

 Company Matching Programs – Companies that will match contributions from their employees include everyone from 3M to General Motors to Xerox Foundation. If your company does not match contributions you can contact your human resources department about doing so.

 Awareness – Though the I AM Foundation has made significant strides they can always use some help building awareness about their mission. Simply by utilizing your social media profiles such as Facebook, Twitter, Google +, and Pinterest you can help build awareness; just share this article or a link to The I AM Foundation on your profile to help build awareness.

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