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Omidi Brothers Charities

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At No More Poverty my brother Julian Omidi and I have been blessed to work with some amazing organizations that get to the heart of helping those suffering from poverty. As a result of the achievements of this charity Julian Omidi and I have launched more Omidi Brothers charities, which include Animal Support, Children's Obesity Fund, and Civic Duty.

Through NMP we have been able to build a network of like-minded charities and gained experience in how to help support other organizations. Poverty is just one of many causes that Julian and I are passionate about and we wanted to extend our assistance to other projects that have gained our attention.

The importance of Omidi Brothers Charities is to highlight our new non-profit organizations as well as to give you insight into why these causes are so important to us.

Not only in the United States, but in other developed and developing countries as well, obesity has become a significant health issue for adults and especially children leading to increased risks of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, high blood pressure, and even potentially multiple sclerosis in adolescent girls. [1] As it currently stands the current generation of children may be the first in the history of the US that does not live longer than their parents, and a significant contributing factor to this issue is obesity in childhood. It is both the hope and duty of each generation that the proceeding generation has more opportunity, better health, and better lives than theirs and for the first time since our country's founding we may be failing on providing that to our children. This is why we formed the non-profit organization Children's Obesity Fund; to support initiatives and charities that focus on the issue of children's obesity and can provide a better future to our children.

Part of stewardship is protecting the fellow residents of our planet and for this reason we have formed Animal Support. Pet ownership has been shown to have benefits to human health such as a decrease in blood pressure and cholesterol levels as well as increasing the opportunity for exercise and decreasing the feeling of loneliness [2]; and yet pet and animal abuse runs rampant with thousands of cases being reported each year and reported cases are only the tip of the iceberg of the actual numbers of animals that are abused.

Julian Omidi and I also feel that those who are doing good in their community are not often provided with the resources, assistance, and recognition that they deserve and that is why Civic Duty is a crucial part of our Omidi Brothers charities. We encourage members of communities to tell us about their friends, family, or colleagues that they feel are making a difference in some way so that their cause can receive the attention that it deserves.

We hope you will continue to support No More Poverty as well as assist our other organizations in their individual efforts. No charity can achieve its goals without the belief and commitment of the community and we hope that you will continue to bring awareness to these new charities as well. Thank you for your continued interest and assistance.

By Michael Omidi




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