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Charity Helps Students of the World Attain Higher Education and Increased Opportunity

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Julian Omidi is proud to support Vittana, a lending charity that helps provide loans to students seeking higher education in countries around the world. Julian Omidi discusses the importance of higher education as a tool to combat poverty across the globe.

The importance of higher education cannot be overstated: statistics show that earning potential is greatly increased for degrees of education in the United States and unemployment is significantly lower as well. Those with less than a high school diploma experience unemployment rates of just over 14% and make an average of $451 in weekly earnings, while those with a professional degree experience only about 2.4% unemployment and have median weekly earnings of $1,665.

Higher education can be quite expensive, however, with costs to obtain even an undergraduate degree in the United States exceeding $32,000 per year on average. The costs of education are only rising, in fact it has risen over 440% in the last 25 years, accounting for about 25% of a middle-class family's annual income.

These costs are not limited to the United States, however, and neither are the benefits. Those that attain higher education throughout the world are able to provide for themselves and their families, and the organization Vittana assists people in countries like Paraguay, the Philippines, and Bolivia attain higher education.

A prime example of the work that Vittana is doing in the lives of real people around the world is Janice Macalisang. Janice always dreamed of being a teacher, but despite putting herself through high school and enrolling in a work-study program at her university she was unable to fund her own education. Her family was unable to help her as her mother passed away at childbirth and her father suffered from alcoholism. Through Vittana Janice was provided with a loan of $203 and was able to complete her education and begin her dream of teaching. She went from being unemployed to earning $10 per day (over 400 pesos per day), which allows her a comfortable living in her country.

Since it's foundation four years ago, Vittana has provided over $2.5 million in loans to over 6,000 students in 12 countries. Over 99.8% of students repay their loans in full, allowing Vitanna to continue offering financial assistance to those around the world looking for funding for their education.

Michael and Julian Omidi support Vitannabecause we know what a difference higher education can make in the fight against poverty around the world. If you feel as passionate about helping real students receive a real education, please offer your support to Vitanna today.

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